3Rivers Kirtan Fest flyer3Rivers Kirtan Fest flyer

A festival to give everyone a unique experience of Mantra Music, Dance, Thought provoking stories and of course FOOD.

Participants will have an opportunity to learn about Kirtan, Mantra Meditation, Indian cooking, Yoga, Arts, Henna and more. Each stall will give participants quick learning and practical experience

A one and half hour of dedicated session of soul touching Kirtan with internationally acclaimed kirtan singers Premhara. Through various meditations, the singers will lead us to another level of reality where participants will enjoy peace and joy through Music. The Music will not only de-stress but will also give a sweet impact and experience that will last forever.

A cultural theme will be depicted through Classical Indian Dance.

Admission Fee: 

FOOD: Snacks and Dinner (Over 30 Indian Delicacies to Choose from) included in the Admission Fee

For more information please contact Shyam or call (312) 531-0079